In 2017, from around the web to sell generic gifts, came a big idea that design our own most loving, customer personalized products that are only for you and your family. That’s why we created Vista Stars and bring together a group of enthusiastic, creative and always keeping up-to-date people that we’re proud to call our team, here to do what they do the best to surprise our beloved customers with thoughtful customized gifts, loving memories, unforgettable experiences and more.


We are a business that takes pride in offering appealing and unique personalized products, supported by warm personal service. We cherish what we do, from the products we create based on customer’s own individual requirements to the jobs we provide to our associates.


We’re here to inspire and celebrate how to stay connected to those who matter most to you in a very personal way. We’re happy when you share the best memories of your lifetime journey with us. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect personalized mug, shirt or decorative wall art, we’ve got you covered.


Customer-centric: We focus on creating the best experience for our customers, and by doing so build brand loyalty. We deeply understand that the customers only stay with us only after being treated in the way they wanted to be treated, with care, warmth, and understanding.

Build for durability: We want to create something worth creating and waiting for, that will endure the test of time and our customers are filled with satisfaction when receiving it. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our customers’ experience, building trust, and planning for a long-term relationship between Vista Stars and customers. 


Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. More than anything, we deeply understand that satisfied customers will stay with us and unhappy customers will eventually find a better alternative and leave. Every member of Vista Stars definitely wants to grow with you and we are ready to be there to celebrate all your moments. We welcome any comments, suggestions, praise, or criticism you may have.