June 19, 2020

The perfect gifts for a single mom.

It’s almost Mother’s Day! 

It is that time of the year again when all celebrate for the mothers. If someone close to you is a single mom, let her know that YOU are thinking of them by giving them some love as well as some thoughtful gifts. 

While most moms can expect to have somebody helping their children to get them a small gift, or a pampering day - most single moms don’t really have anyone around to celebrate with them. Some of them don’t even have the opportunities to have an adult around on Mother’s Day. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should pity them, what they need is not empathy, they just want to be acknowledged. Let them know that they are not alone. 

Although a nice meal out or a card is always some nice gifts, please consider getting the single mom something more personal, more well-thought. 

You are going to blow her mind surely.


But what are the perfect gifts for a single mom? 

It can be something as simple as a hug, a meal out, or a pampering day. They also appreciate some more thoughtful gifts, like a personalized necklace. And then there were other, more practical gifts.

Keep reading as we are about to show you the perfect gifts for a single mom. 



T-shirt for a strong-mind single mother.

We can all agree that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in this world. Being a single mom makes that job so much harder. 

At the same time, you have to be both the mother and the father. The stress and responsibilities don’t add up, they multiply. 


That is the reason we admire all the single moms, who can endure all that and keep going strong. 

So what is a better way to remind a single mom of how strong she is by giving them a T-shirt with an inspiring quote on it? 


Check out some recommendations that we have hand-picked for you to choose from. 



Blue Shirt with quote - Perfect gift for single mom  

Gray shirt - Gift for single mumWhite shirt with quote - Gift for single mother

Black shirt with meaningful quotePink shirt with "Strong as a mother" quote



A cool coffee mug for a lovely single mom.

Is the single mom you know a tea-drinker or a coffee lover? Do you always wonder what will be the best gift for a single mom? 

You can always give her some exclusive tea or some special coffee as a gift. But that can’t show her your gratitude.

Instead, find a gift that is more personal and thoughtful, something that she can enjoy and be proud of having it. 

How about giving her a printed mug? So that she enjoys her drink, you can remind her of how awesome of a single mom she is. 

[CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE PRODUCT'S DETAILS]Mug with President's image on it

White mug with quote for single momBlack mug for single mother

Cool mug for single momCool mug for single mother



Meaningful posters for an inspired single mom

Most mothers are into house decor, single moms are no exceptions. Even though it is not the most essential thing and most people don’t notice, a piece of new decoration always can make a change in the vibe of a house. 

The most common piece of decor is a poster, but it is always difficult to get ones that both beautiful and meaningful. While a pretty poster can make a single mom feel content, a meaningful one can make her feel inspired.

Check out this selection of posters that have inspired hundreds of single moms. 



Black poster for single mom

Inspiring Poster for Single motherGift for single mother



Personalized necklaces for a great single mom

Or maybe your single mom friend is fancy some jewelry. The perfect gift for her should be a personalized necklace. 

Single moms often wake up to a world of responsibilities every day, especially when you have little people rely on you. A sentimental gift, such as a meaningful necklace, can give her the strength to keep going.

It is not just a jewelry piece but a reminder to her. 


personalized necklace for single mom

personalized necklace for single mom

personalized necklace for single mom




Comfortable blankets for a busy single mom

Sometimes, a good rest is as perfect as any gift can be, especially for a single mum. 

And a weighted blanket is such a vital part of a good night sleep that everybody should have one

They are comfortable and comforting.


Whenever a single mama gets a chance to relax, a weighted blanket offers so many comforts. 

It is even better when you can print a sincere message or a meaningful quote on that blanket. 


It will remind her of such a hero she is.

Get one now for her.


Blanket for single mom

Blanket for single momBlanket for single mom


Whatever you decide to get for your single mom friend, remember that it is the intention that is matters. And they will always appreciate your gift for them. 

Happy Mother's Day